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The Demon Whisperer

Don't remember if I've posted something like this before but anyway I'm looking for trucker stories (Guys who drive trucks, those things that are bigger than lorries). Stories must be in this site or lit.

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Red and Victor, the first story in cmsix's NanoVerse series, has a trucker as the protagonist. Note that while this story is complete, the following stories in the series are incomplete and inactive, but that may not be an issue since they each have different characters.

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Vlad_Inhaler is an obvious candidate (happyhugo), is by the same author and is a partial match.


The stories are more about the trucking industry, but big trucks and drivers appear sporadically in 'Hindsight 20/20 #2' and some in #3.

Also, several of the shorter stories have big rig drivers as the main character, but I don't remember the names and don't have the time tonight to chase them down.


A twist;



Several of his other stories include truckers. Although they just start out as trucker drivers.


Replace the TR with F.

The Demon Whisperer


Ha ha ha... Very funny..

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@The Demon Whisperer

Actually I think @richardshagrin is trying to be punny more than funny


@The Demon Whisperer

Check your other thread with the 'take her/kill her' lost story. I think I found it for you.

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