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Corrupting a girl


I want a story in which the male corrupts the innocent female. Or atleast a female who is innocent when it comes to sex.

Bonus points if the male has ulterior motives for curropting her and not doing it just for fun.

Example can be like the male bringing her to a sex shop and buying things that she has never even thought of or stuff like that.

Would like if it included male dom, incest. But not necessary.

Thanks fo your help in advance.

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


Try this one, one of my favourites:


Replies:   Fluxguy

Angela Transformed is more about a girl being corrupted in general from her perspective, rather than about a single male corrupting a girl from his. It does have incest, and is a good story about an innocent girl getting corrupted however.

Replies:   Fluxguy


I was looking for something from a male pov. But thanks though.


@John Demille

I read through it a bit. But something about the writing style is putting me off from reading anymore.

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