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Life aboard a modern U.S. Navy ship


Looking for a story about life aboard a modern U.S. Navy ship. Prefer SOL, but a search by an idiot (me) turned up nothing. If not SOL, then elsewhere (but not ASSTR - I'm hopeless in navigating it).

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Define "modern" in this context. Things have changed a LOT since the 1980's. While a sailor from 1950 and one from 1980 would have a lot of common fodder material, moving into the 1990's things start to change, and the rate of change increases the closer you get to present day. I last set foot on an Active ship in 2004, and I am not going to hazard a guess at what it is like in 2018. But part of that is the ship I was on only had gender integration for the Officers, and I know that one thing changes a number of things, even before getting into the tech-side.

By 2000 "mail call" was only significant for Navy types in regards to "care packages" as it was typically possible to call via AT&T's "Sailorphone" for $1/minute every few days, and e-mail was already in common use. (And that isn't to mention the DSN leased line(s) the ship had regular use of via Inmarsat)

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By "modern" I mean today - 2010 to 2018.

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