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Life after marriage


So many stories end when the couple get married or they end and we get an epilogue telling us that they got married and maybe have a child or something like that.

I'd like to read something where the couple either is married from the start or they get married atleast before the halfway point in the story. Off the top of my head, I only recall reading A Fresh Start, Lady in Red and A New Past where the story doesn't end with/before marriage.

As for what I want to exclude tag-wise, Travis's and Liz's rules from Runaway Train fit me to the T: "No outsiders; no pain and no bodily functions". Some drama is alright, but no cheating or slut wives etc that is common in married life erotica, as that would break the "no outsiders" demand.



In just about every one of my stories, marriage is the result. Where it isn't actually IN the story, it's implied for the future.

Sometimes the path is a bit longer than others. In some cases, children are the result.

awnlee jawking


I seem to recall many of Uther Pendragon's stories fitting that description.




I'll second Oyster50's stories, and not just the smart girl series.

Janna Leonard's 'Shirley Jean' and 'Nollie' - the main characters get together early and stay that way.

Lazlong's Wagons Ho stories.

FantasyLover's Lucky Jim stories.

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