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Long stories with focus on sex from female PoV


Like title says, I'm looking for longer stories with a focus on sex that's from a female PoV.

I don't have alot of other criteria really. Just that it's exclusively from a female PoV and isn't too short. And no scat please. I'm a bit leery towards rape in stories, but I'm alright with it as long as it's not a main theme throughout the story.

Off the top of my head, I recall 2 stories that I liked that's what I'm looking for. One is Angela Transformed by Vulgus, and the other one is Melissa's Secrets by Pookie (though I'd prefer something with less voyeurism. I liked the parts where Melissa were involved way better than when she was spying on people).


Check the many stories by Rachel Ross, rache and her other numerous pseudonyms. Sometimes her primary character is male, but even then the female characters feel real.

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Stories by Samantha K? May not be to your liking, since the main character is a randy size-obsessed masochist who is nonetheless stronger than most males she meets.


Try this



I'm almost finished posting one that's plenty long. However, it's fan fiction and might not be what you're looking for.

The Cage & The Key

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