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Wife/girlfriend takes female lover



after more or less succesful tries with the search on this site, I decided to ask you for help in finding a particular type of story.

I would like to read some stories where a wife or girlfriend in a straight relationship takes a female lover.

There isn't much more to my request. I don't care about the level of sex involved in the story. I don't care if it is cheating or if she asked for consent from her partner (or was encouraged). I don't care if a threesome/polyamorous relationship develops or if the couple breaks up. I don't care if it is from the point of view of the husband/boyfriend, the wive/girlfriend or the lover.

I would prefer it if the relationship between the women is more or less the center of the story.

Thank you in advance for any and all help!

Replies:   PotomacBob


Summer Camp, by Nick Scipio, might fit your request. It's a long story, being told in 5 books, with Book 5 still incomplete. The first 4 books are on SOL. Other authors have contributed other stories to the Summer Camp universe.

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