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Do overs


Much sex and mostly in school setting. Having a sister is a plus

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One currently in progress is Al-Canadian's series called Mike and the Energists Story has six stories, two of which happen prior to the do-over.

Some older ones I've enjoyed (in some cases there are one or more sequels - not all of those involve school):

Twice Lucky by Joe J Note that this is the first story in a 3 book series with the last one incomplete.

Retreads by Rotedrachen

The Fountain of Youth by Lazlong

Echo by Reluctant Sir

Building a Better Past by tendertouch

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Granted, Echo is fairly recent. A New Past was updated today but only the first half or so relates to the Main Character going to school - in today's chapter he mentions being 35.



Much sex might be a problem. 'Building a Better Past' won't qualify, not really. Sea-Life's 'Echos' the same. Al Steiner's 'Doing it All Over Again' would. The Nighthawk's 'Once More With Feelings' maybe. rlfj's 'A Fresh Start' again is light on the sex for that tag.

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rlfj's 'A Fresh Start' again is light on the sex for that tag.

But what about the 'Carl Buckman Experience'?


https://storiesonline.net/s/42289/rewind would seem to fit but I can't remember if the MC had a sister, if he did then she was the youngest in the family. The story is incomplete but it did get a long way.

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You may want to look at http://do-over.wikifoundry.com/. The "inc" tag may be useful for finding sisters.

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That is a great resource for do-over stories. I ran across it a while ago and have read all the stories I have any interest in. I'm a little disappointed it hasn't been updated. It looks like nothing new has been added since 2016.

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