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A story like "A Fresh start".


I am looking for a story like fresh start in which the MC eventually becomes President of the US. I am looking for a MC that similarly attains an important position.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a do over. But I would be a plus if the MC had time travelled or had some kind of power.

And I don't really like tragedy or angst or too much drama. so if the author doesn't focus on those aspects then that would be a plus too. And I would like it to be from the MC's pov.

Looking forward for your recommendations.


good to know, thanks.


Three candidates here, two unfinished:
and one which made it: https://storiesonline.net/series/639/echoes-in-time


Check out the two stories from https://storiesonline.net/a/gwresearch


A Fresh Start is by far my favorite of all time, and the reason I ponied up for a premier membership. The only similar story in both general theme and quality is Geoff Wolak's (gwresearch) Magestic. It's epic. A bit detail heavy but damn.


You should enjoy the John Carter Universe stories by Lazlo Zalezac. Carter did not become President nor delve into politics, but became a powerful figure with immense influence and power; much of it mystical. Very little sex, but enough to keep that aspect interesting.


Not President, but these stories have some different takes on power...
Hindsight 20/20 - a similarly long story with a do over. Money, power, life well lived.
The Reset Manifesto - a man seeks to undo the more pessimistic take society has become, in a world devolving to slavery under the 1%. Hits close to home.
A New Past - Charlie Foxtrot. One of my favourite stories on here and I'll be depressed as heck when he finishes it. Do over, guy amasses wealth and power through science as he takes the world to a near future, better place.

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Actually the latest chapter in A New Past is set in 2004.



You forgot the Author names for "Hindsight 20/20" and "The Reset Manifesto". The second one is Lazlo Zalezac.
Pfand X (also by LZ) is in a similar vein, I think some of his other stories may be in a similar vein.


Could it happen

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