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Looking for new addiction


I'm looking for Stories where the MC is some kind of special, but is living a normal life with a "Secret" ( like ex-military, some kind of Powers etc.). As the Story progresses, some people find out about him. Preferebly in 1st Person. Doesn't have to fit all criteria Just Hit me with it
Thanks for your recommendations und advance.

Replies:   Capt. Zapp  tendertouch

If I understood that correctly, take a look at
(I seem to remember that it was poorly edited)

Replies:   bananabommel
awnlee jawking

Give MisguidedChild's Evolution series a try.




Sounds good. I'll give it a try

Capt. Zapp


Check out the Earthguard universe by Lazarus Valentine.

Edit: Oops. Didn't realize he didn't have it set up as a Universe. Here's the link to his stories. Best read in order by posting date.



Lumpy's Destiny books
Sea-Life's World of Light books
zaliterr's 'Akkadian Statuette' and 'Epigraphy'
gwresearch's 'Magestic'

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