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Looking for virgin stories


I'm looking for stories where one guy gets to pop the cherries of multiple virgins. Separated by time or by in a row, both work for me.

Also, older virgins. It turns me on when someone has kept their cherry for a long time to lose it with someone great.

I don't like rape, so preferably not. Timestop is fine, but I'd really like the girls to be enthusiastic about the sex.

Replies:   Michael Loucks
Michael Loucks


Then you, sir, have perfectly described my series A Well-Lived Life.

There are, literally scores of virgins deflowered throughout the 7,000,000 words. All ages, though the 'older' ones come later in the series.


I just finished two books and I have to say, that's seriously awesome! It's written just right on the scale of emotion to description, no-one really breaks my suspension of disbelief and my fetish is very well represented!

In particular, the road to Becky's defloration was a huge turnon. Hat's off to you, sir! I'm going to enjoy the rest of this series immensely. :)


I just finished book four and the Kara stuff so far provided me with my second or third most pleasurable moments of self-exploration ever. You have my endless gratitude!

Michael Loucks

I'm glad you're enjoying the story! Come join us on our Discord server if you want to talk about it!

tyrone smash

I wrote a story called the White Guilt Pimp in which a black pimp breaks in multiple young white teen virgins. I'd like to get more people to read it.


I have a number of virgin stories in my Zane series. It's not finished yet, I'm still re-writing some of the earlier stories, but it's high school, there were a lot of virgin girls.

I haven't gotten to any of the older ladies yet, but perhaps somewhere down the line.


My stories have many girls who start out as virgins.

Replies:   madnige


many girls who start out as virgins.

Are there many girls who do not start out as virgins?

ETA: ;)

Replies:   robberhands  AmigaClone


Are there many girls who do not start out as virgins?

Fewer girls than boys, at least if you ask them.



Are there many girls who do not start out as virgins?

Technically if you go back far enough all the girls (and boys for that matter) start out as virgins.

I think what oyster50 was referring to is that, at the time the story begins, the central female character is often either a virgin or has very little sexual experience.

Replies:   oyster50


Thank you, AmigaClone.

I'm fairly certain that madnige was attempting humor. Failing, yes, but 'attempting' nonetheless.


"Looking for virgin stories." Wouldn't that be any that haven't been read?


You could try Aroslav's Living Next Door to Heaven 1. It's quite long (about 3 novels worth), but it's a polyamory/harem* story. Over the course of the books the protagonist has sex with several virgins, always as part of loving relationships.

Note: I describe it as somewhat of a harem story even though the author doesn't because even though there is some very good poly-positive messaging, the actual plot ends up with more of a harem feeling to it. YMMV.

Replies:   jimh67


I suppose it's more like a commune since there are other males, but with the the protagonist so thoroughly in charge when it mattered, it definitely felt like a harem to me by the time I got to the point I couldn't suspend disbelief any longer.

Dominions Son

Do a category search for First (under the sexual activities group). The First tag indicates a character having sex as a virgin.

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