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Ordinary man dominating powerfull women


I am looking for any story in which the main character is an ordinary man and the female character is a powerful women like a goddess or a heroine or something like that. The mc should be dominating the woman either through coercion or blackmaill or even willingly for some reason.

Or at least a story in which an ordinary man has a relationship with a powerful woman.

Edit: i would appreciate it if it was from the pov of the mc

Replies:   Switch Blayde
Switch Blayde


Not exactly what you're looking for, but my "Taming of the Shrew" is about a lowly male employee who dominates his executive female boss. There's not much sex, though.

Story about a female executive heading for a nervous breakdown and what she is willing to give up to have peace of mind. This is more of a subjugation story; the sex being secondary.


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@Switch Blayde

This is good too

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