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Looking for teen male dom story


stories similar to

Finding Home by Ernest (the sex not graphic enough for me but the mesmerizing technique keep me going)

Zombie,werewolf by Elsol (uh.. Bored, I've read it too many times)

Hindsight book 4 by Smokindriver (too rushed in HS, but this kind of MC is what I'm looking for.)

Growing up master by MWTB (this is a good story until he gave one of the girl to someone else.)

it didn't have to be dom/sub but the MC have to be dominant enough/know what he want and will get it. and he should be a teenage. doesn't matter mater if the girl teen or older. I can tolerate anything else but no scat or sharing his girl.



"Two and a Half Bitches" by FantasyLover meets your criteria.



I think I've read it a little, don't know what made me stop. Maybe I'll try it again. Thanks

Replies:   Tera


I can tolerate anything else but no scat or sharing his girl.

You might have stopped because you do not tolerate MC sharing his girl and the story has the gangbang tag. I haven't read it, so I do not know if 'his girl' is the one being with multiple men, but I generally avoid gangbang tags to avoid sharing.


Since I suffer from similar double standards, you may try my stories.


Don't know how close college aged person, like 19 or so' is to what your asking but "The Trade Off" is pretty good and a male dom storie.



There is "Chad Johnson: Year One" by https://storiesonline.net/a/Hawklu .
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