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Stories similar to can't pick your family


I've found I enjoy the mafia stories, was curious if anyone could recommend any others

awnlee jawking


Little Tony by G Younger?




"A well-lived life" has a mafia component. It is part of the overarching story but not really about the inner workings.

Don't remember any other specific mafia stories here. You could always look for "Katekyō Hitman Reborn" fanfics, who deal with the mafia life 95% of the time, but it also has superpower elements.


Little tony was pretty good for a short story.

I remember reading one that involved the discussion of the attack on the Olympic gym that is mentioned in can't pick your family but I can't find it.

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Argon mentioned the gym attack in one of his other stories... I think it was Her Apple Pie. He's pretty clever referencing other stories and characters but not making too much of a meal out of the cameos.



Try Civility by Jay Cantrell.


How about Argon's Return From The Dark Side ?

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