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Looking for realistic reluctance and fantastic non-consent


In different stories, that is. There are probably stories that have both, somewhere, but I'm happy with separate stories. I'll explain what I'm looking for below, but first say that I like male/female and female/female, not really male/male. Group stuff is fine, especially for the non-con. I have no interest in underage characters. Actually, negative interest.

Realistic reluctance - the character doesn't particularly want to participate, but isn't violently opposed. I enjoy stories where characters have to pay up on bets they expected to win, or go through with promises they thought they could get out of. If they end up enthusiastic by the end, fantastic, I just prefer if they start off feeling obligated to go along but not actually forced by anything more than their sense of honor or conscience or knowledge that they'll take a lot of shit if they don't pay up. Realistic in this sense means in the real world, but something fantasy or SF would be fine too now that I think of it.

Fantastic non-consent - for this I would prefer fantasy or SF or superheroes or similar. I just read a book that claimed to be an erotic dungeon story, with the dungeon grabbing adventurers and having its way with them, but the story really didn't pay off on the premise. So that's what I'm looking for, something like D&D adventurers or superheroes being captured and having naughty things done to them, or being forced to do naughty things to each other. I don't mind if things get hard core or nasty, but I have no interest in snuff or detailed torture.

It certainly seems like I've talked too much, so does anyone have any stories they can point me towards?

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Fantastic non-consent - for this I would prefer fantasy or SF or superheroes or similar

You could try John Norman's Gor or Sharon Green books -- they have plenty of non-consent in fantastic or SF settings. I didn't find them all that appealing, but it may fit your criteria.


You might also want to try

This is a story of a shape-shifting monster that is a box (chest). It is not about breasts. Well, mostly. A wonderfully weird story. It has gods, magic users, technology, and who knows what all are planned for later.

There are numerous scenes throughout the story that meet your requirements, especially between the main character and two demons. Did I mention the story is different?

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