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Onle Female (human) bestiality stories


As the title would suggest, I am trying to find bestiality stories that only include sex between human females and male animals. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could recommend some that were on the longer side. I don't really care if there are male humans in the story just as long as they aren't the ones having sex.

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Switch Blayde


I believe rache wrote stories like that. Anything she wrote is good so if you search on her name in the Author list you can check out the story codes for each story.

Ernest Bywater

Reluctantly Willing by Dire Wolf is one I came across while looking for something else for someone else, however, it's a premier only story.


edit to add: my referral is based on the description, codes, and the first few paragraphs.


Pups-R-Us and it's sequel are two stories by aubie56.



Again this is based on the description.


Several years ago I saw a story about an American woman on honeymoon in Mexico who was kidnapped and tied under a donkey (or it could have been a horse) for the obvious result in front of a nightclub audience. I think she eventually enjoyed the experience. I suspect that was in ASSTR but cannot remember

Dominions Son

Dog Who Owned Me by Rachel Ross



Birthday Dog Rape by Darthsith. Found it years ago on ASSTR – I think.



Sludge has that theme in several stories in a subset of DangerBabe Central. Definitely in "The Donkey Solution" a few others but not sure which ones.



I read this type of stories from David Oberman lots of sex with giant size of animal.s penises unbelievable but writing skill is marvelous

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