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Recluse and Ghost Index


Any stories like Recluse and Ghost?

Is there any continuation? THis one was awesome


All of Dual Writer's stories are worth reading. I would say that the Chuck Johnson ones would be the closest to Recluse and Ghost.

At one time DW stated that he was working on a sequel, but I believe RL has gotten in the way of his writing. I too look forward to whichever new story and/or sequel he presents us with.

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All of Dual Writer's stories are worth reading.

I agree. The last I read he had health problems and at least once, he had to relocate during a hurricane. I think he was living on some kind of boat.(not sure if it was a houseboat or something different)

Hopefully he is alright, and I do keep an eye on his blog here at SOL, but lately it seems I will just have to be grateful for what he has already shared.



Chuck Johnson?

Care to share the link please..

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go here list all 57 of Dual Writers stories


Chuck has his own series called "Chuck and Shirley". He also is one of the main characters in the Florida Friends series, starting in book 5.

I highly recommend reading both series. I think I have reread it at least 3 times now.

On a related note...Does anyone know if that men's clothing store actually exists? I have seen it mentioned in other stories by other authors. My curiosity is piqued. SWMBO and I are planning a drive out that way next year to see her brother. If it is a real place, it would be nice to visit it.

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If it is the same as the one that Mr. Zimmerman started in Dallas,TX. A branch store actually exists in Tampa.


I do not think it is "Men's W***house". However, I could be wrong. Got one locally, and I have a feeling if I showed up with a gun in a shoulder harness I would have the cops all over me.



I think that you are incorrect about the Chuck and Shirley series. The first story has Chuck getting married and having kids.

Chuck Johnson joins the series at story number 3 called after a medical discharge from the Marines.



Hmmm. I know the memory is going, so I guess I will have to go back and read those stories again. Always looking for a great reason to reread my old favorites. Now where did I leave those books....

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Like some of the other authors here, DW re-uses names. The Chuck of the Chuck and Shirley stories is not the Chuck of the Florida Friends ones.

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Something like WTSman's George, or Lubican's Uncle Bob?



The names as such does not matter to me. What matters is the story. DW has become one of my favorite storytellers since he has a talent for it. Rereading his stories has become a habit.

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