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Perverted Genius

I am looking for stories like the john billionaire series.the mc is super rich and just enjoying his money.I would appreciate if he he is not a rich jerk and treat the people around him with respect.

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Must he be rich from the start or are do-overs ok?

"A fresh Start" and "Hindsight 20/20" have billionaire MC's

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Perverted Genius


Do overs are ok

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@Perverted Genius

Tony and Tina in EzzyB's Chaos stories aren't billionaires, though $350,000,000 in the mid-80's was a heck of a lot of money. The money lets them do things that others dream of and they're happy to share.

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If the fourth book is ever made then those two would be billionaires as a result of their album produced in book 3.

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@Perverted Genius

In A New Past, and Retreads the MC ends up very rich - likely billionaires as well.

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I suggest the Robert Jenkins trilogy by rougher63.



If the fourth book is ever made

Not going to be written.

EzzyB made it real clear when he took down what he'd written that he'd decided that while he could write a fourth book, it wouldn't explore any new territory in his mind, and that wasn't what he wanted to do; he didn't want to be one of those who ran a series on after the story was told.

I can respect that. I might disagree with his thinking he wasn't going to cover new territory, but it's his call.

And I know what he's talking about concerning authors who kept writing after the story was done, because they had an audience that would buy more of the same. Several who did that really dropped in my esteem.

I just wish I'd downloaded what he'd posted prior to his pulling it; sure it might not have been covering new ground, it was well written, and I'd enjoyed it.


Dual Writer has the Florida Friends series. He starts as a welder and how it works up to an international conglomerate. Fascinating story.



Author and/or link please

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Capt. Zapp


Author and/or link please


A New Past

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@Capt. Zapp



Millionnaire next door


Too much love

L.A. fun by Dual writer

Florida friends series is also by Dual Writer

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Dominions Son


Too much love


FYI: For anyone confused by the link, it's because the author originally titled the story The Billionaire Life but then changed the story after the first few chapters were posted, the system didn't update the link to match the new title.

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