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Published books similar to A Fresh Start


I would like to post something here a little different in terms of recommendations. I've read pretty much every long story on this website and my favorite so far has been A Fresh Start. I'm quite interested in politics as well as fiction. I was wondering what published books I can buy hard copies of that are similar. I'm looking for books about people who go on to become fictional presidents, that are not science fiction. There are a vast number of books about people who become world leaders but that is not what I'm seeking. I loved the parts in A Fresh Start about the political in-fighting and strategy needed to rise to the top, and what types of deals needed to be brokered to pass what needed to be passed. What books are out there that have that as the main plot?

ps: please don't devolve this topic into an oxford comma debate or something of that ilk.

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tom clancys executive orders has jack ryan doing his thing as prez


Anyone else have anything?


Harry Turtledove does a number of books along those lines. In particular, "Joe Steel" which invisages Stalin as US President is sort of, but not quite, what you are looking for.

awnlee jawking


Okay, here comes the first deviation from your request :(

Have you tried 'Waiting at the Bluebird' by Forest Hunter here on SOL? It's not yet complete but it's quite long and goes into the sordid underbelly of small-town politics. As a Brit, I can't vouch for its accuracy but it's a pretty decent story.


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