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Our man currently an art teacher in elementary/middle school, buys one of his students work, lives in AZ somewhere, His father in-law finds him. Turns out he was a very famous artist living in NY, he wore black, drove mustangs, carried a sword. And yes his wife cheated on him. Any ideas what the story is called? Thanks...


I'd guess it's a story by StangStar06.

It turns out to be Oceans.

(It's about 100% certain that his male lead will drive a Mustang even if they start the story on a cruise ship.)


Thank you... Stangstar06 is my favorite mustang/cheating author.. (I know, that his specialty)

I had been through his catalogue of stories many times and thought Oceans was something else.

My apology to ALL for not putting this request in the right place...

Thank you again...

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