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Coming of age with a vampire, werewolf, or other fan/fic aspects...

The Demon Whisperer

I am currently looking for a work of art where the MC starts out as human but then gets thrown into a world of vampires, werewolves or other fictitious creatures when he gets turned in to a vampire or any other creature.
Usual restrictions apply, well written, long story, Male MC, No gay (guy on guy) scenes,

awnlee jawking

@The Demon Whisperer

'Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, and Other Improbable Things' by ElSol.

There may be other stories by the same author that tickle your fancy.



The ElSol story is very good, but does not include the protagonist becoming a were animal.

An excellent story that does is Young Wolves by sirreadsalot10. The author begins his description like this: A young man is bitten by a beautiful girl, and soon becomes confused by the changes he is undergoing.


Tarrin Kael might be the biggest story about were creatures. (MC is transformed into werecat)


apart from that... don't know any male, straight big Stories out there. Most are either gay fanfiction or female protagonist

Dominions Son

You might enjoy Strange Days by The Lurker.




searching for that name on Lit came up with 0 results.


Do you mean Magicwrtr?

Yes indeed -- sorry for the typo. D R Rosier is his "Amazon" name. D L Harrison is for non-erotic stories.


You can try The Valens Legacy
About a guy who gets turned into a werelion and forms a harem of various women. No vamps and I have only ever seen the author on amazon but all the books are free for Kindle Unlimited

Replies:   Wheezer


You can try The Valens Legacy

Excellent series. I've read them all to date, and the author is writing more...and I don't even have Prime. Yep, paid for them all. :D


@The Demon Whisperer

Old thread but I'd like to recommend My Little Ventrue by Novus Animus

It's a different sort of coming of age, but it fits pretty much everything you asked for.


Sarah A. Hoyt's Night Shifters may fit.
Night Shifters is an omnibus edition, containing Draw One in the Dark and Gentleman Takes a Chance by Baen Books.
Draw One in the Dark is in Baen's Free Library.


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