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The Demon Whisperer

Recently read carefree highway on Lit and was wondering if there are any other Long, well written Trucker stories that You would recommend... (Trucker meets female hitchhiker or something like that)


I can think of a couple, although you will have to decide how well written they are. They are both by the same author and both have Science Fiction elements.
If you survive that, https://storiesonline.net/s/57336/six-days-on-the-road also seems to fit - the same tags apply.

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Dunno about those three. The MCs are truckers, but trucking has very little to do with the stories.

On the other hand, unlike the majority of cmsix' stories, they weren't in the process of being revised and reposted at the time his health became such that he couldn't post any longer. So they are complete.

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awnlee jawking

I've encountered a couple of stories that have elements you're looking for but not the length.

Peter Duncan's Truck Stop Odyssey (as yet unfinished).
Mi Vida by oyster50




That first one - Red and Victor - actually comes closest to the requirements. The other two, less so.

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