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Geoff Wolak (gwresearch - "Magestic") are his other (paid) works worth it?


I was flabbergasted when I found his site yesterday. There is a Magestic 2 and 3! But they cost money (not much, though)
Also, his other works, but most are paid, either the whole book or the books after the first.

I really, really, really liked Magestic, even with the grammar issue.
The blind do-over, late-coming-of-age, empire building, and family focus were the main points that I liked.
How is Magestic 2? the Synopsis (Jimmy in 1920) doesn't fill me with confidence and it looks like it's more spy focused. Would I enjoy it? Keeping in mind, what I liked about in the first book?

And how are his other 2 big series, "K2" and "Wilco-Lone Wolf"? They also seem more spy focused. The first books of the series are free, but i don't want to start something that I only half-like and have to pay to finish.

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I enjoyed his writings here as well. Do you have a link for his website?

Never mind I found it http://www.geoffwolak-writing.com/


I've bought most of his books over the years and have really enjoyed them. I'm in to his Wilco series at the moment and can't wait for the next one. I buy them through his paypal account but you can also get them on amazon.

Jim S


K2 is worth the read even though you have to purchase the last two sections. The rest are on SOL. Wilco-Lone Wolf I stopped reading after about 5 books. It just got too repetitive. Same thing over and over.

I didn't know he published other Magestic works. Anyone have a take on them?


Thx for the answers.

Would I enjoy K2 or Wilco?

The blind do-over, late-coming-of-age, empire building, and family focus were the main points that I liked.

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Since you liked the kind of crazy twisty turney story-that-keeps-going that was Magestic, I'd try K2 first. Like Magestic, it's a big, sprawling story. Wilco is more of a mens adventure series with the same 'mission' based story with the same characters and plot devices put together in different ways over and over again. The first five or so are kind of fun, but after that the series gets kind of stale (though admittedly I skim them as they trickle out though I have an Kindle Unlimited acct so it doesn't cost me anything but time).

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I ended up borrowing (KU) or buying most of GW's books. I find them entertaining. Not in my top 10 authors of all time, but worth the money.


Mag2 and Mag3 are both good, but neither as good as Mag1. I enjoyed them. The aliens didn't help the plots.

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