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Well written mt/Fa incest?


Some of my favorite authors are Parthenogenesis, Holly Rennick, Lubrican, DiscipleN and maryjane.

Are there any other authors that do a believable , nuanced job in this genre? Recommendations appreciated.

Replies:   tendertouch

'You Want Me To Do What!' by Richard King

"Camping With Mom" by billabong

There's another story where the mom comes home and says for the next six weeks she is going to be a preteen and the son will be in charge, but I can't find it right now.



It's been a while but I seem to remember Gary Johns doing a pretty good job with that theme.


Thanks @tendertouch and @LonelyDad! I have seen Gary Johns, and he does an excellent job. Any other recommendations are much appreciated. Keep them coming!


I found the story - 'A Responsible Person' by parthenogenesis.

It is incomplete, but the part that is there fits the bill.


I found another one. 'Two and a Half Bitches' by FantasyLover.


These are great! Thank you

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