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Long running fantasy stories


Looking for something like Tarrin Kael's Sennadar Universe, from worlds of fel, high fantasy, good action, long running plot (multiple books) and decent erotica moments.

Something like the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind could also work.


Malazan, Book of the Fallen. Very High-Fantasy unto the point, that you have to reread several paragraphs to not get lost, or just be very attentive while reading.
10 Books, I read the first 2, I didn't drop the series, just I had to wait for Book 3 to be delivered and started another series in the meantime and feel I have to reread both books to get into it again.
No Erotica though

My all-time favorite Fantasy story (at the moment) is "Mother of Learning"
The story is about a Mage-in-learning at a University, who has a Groundhog Day (or rather, month) happening to him. Goes deep into magic and magical creatures and shifts later to the political aspect of the whole Calamity at the end of the repeating month.
Currently at 600k words and updating every 3 weeks.
No Erotica though

Also, there are some Chinese web series like "Warlock of the magus world" and "Release that Witch". Again, no erotica but the Fel Universe didn't had many erotica either.

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Thanks for your recs but iv read most chinese and japanese light novels and webnovels already and fel did have a good amount of erotica, hell the mc was raped in the start of book 1 then it only got more and more intense.


Where can I find "Mother of Learning ". Sounds like it may be interesting.

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Where can I find "Mother of Learning ". Sounds like it may be interesting.


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