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Looking for a story based on mobile suits

Shadow Doctor

So looking for something on SOL possibly another site. Haven't really ever read a story that was fully set around mobile suits but I'm interested.

Geek of Ages

@Shadow Doctor

Define "mobile suit"?

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son

@Geek of Ages

Define "mobile suit"?

Large piloted generally humanoid battle robot.

Ernest Bywater

@Shadow Doctor

In Heinlein's Starship Troopers they wear a powered mobile armoured suit that makes them look several inches larger. But if you want something where they're much bigger, then most of those stories call them battle bots or something along those lines.

Shadow Doctor

@Ernest Bywater

Well more of the battle bots is what I'm looking for currently.

To clarify in would be a walking tank or a large war machine you would climb into typically bipedal

Dominions Son

@Ernest Bywater

The term "mobile suit" is as far as I know very specific to the Japanese anime Gundam universe.

The mobile suits in that universe are on the order of 10-20 meters high.


"Shadow on the Edge by Aeralyndal

THIS is the story I thought I was submitting under the title "Birth of Shadow" NO EXPLICIT SEX.

Tags: Science Fiction

Sex Contents: No Sex

Posted: 3/6/2003, 7:49:09 AM

(Review) 660 KB 15638 347 8.59"

The review is by Barron of Ideas and will probably tell you
if this is the story you want.


Mobile Suits as used in Gundam are a subcategory of Mecha. I don't entirely agree with Wikipedia's definition, but basically they are human controlled robots; originally radio-controlled, they are now mainly controlled from within a cockpit, so they carry a pilot.

They vary widely as to size, ranging from what is basically RAH's powered armor, up to constructs the size of a universe. The commonality is that they are not self-directed; these are not AIs, they are purely tools.

A common theme is the ability to transform into another shape depending upon the use required. I hadn't thought of it this way, but one example they give of this is the Macross, a starship that could reconfigure from travel mode to combat mode.

Another theme is several combining into one; one sees this in The Mighty Morphen Power Rangers, with their Battle Zoids.

What you find in Patlabor or Code Geass sounds like what the OP is looking for. Sized such that they can be used in Urban Environments.


@Shadow Doctor

If it's enough for you if the protagonist uses a mobile suit, look up Defection, Legion of Nothing and Arsenal, all the protagonists in those use either man-sized power armour or true gundam sized mobile suits.
There are others that feature mobile suits but never in more than a side-show

Replies:   Shadow Doctor
Shadow Doctor


Okay thanks I'll check them out


I may get in trouble but try "Subjugation Universe. Not very much mecha in first story but lots in the following stories.


The Private by Random Wrightings

This is a long story that unfortunately isn't finished however it has mech suits and is one of my favourites on SOL

James 2.0 by Pen Epically

This is about a boy who finds tech that leads to him changing. He ends up with a harem, builds mech suits for everyone and goes around the world fighting bad guys. It's not a bad story alas it is also unfinished


Willie Loman wore a suit.


plz look up star force series by b v larson. You will not regret.

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