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Celebrity Female Meets Country Boy


Looking for recs where the celebrity female goes to the country and ends up falling for a farm boy.



He's not exactly a farm boy, but 'The Hurricane of 2020' by RadioGuy is essentially the same thing.



"In Her Genes" by Argon

Within a second of meeting her, David Olson is head over heels over troubled young actress Melanie Renault - literally. Montana country boy and LA trust fund kid suddenly depend on each other and must overcome resentment, fear, guilt and insecurity


Stretching your definition a tiny bit (but no more than gruntsgt above) is https://storiesonline.net/s/13649/perhaps-love
They meet in Hawaii. He is taking his daughter there on a holiday, she is working.
The author finished https://storiesonline.net/s/16034/hatchery-road recently, some of the characters in the first story resurface there.



While not exactly country, try Transcending the Role by Don Lockwood.



Maybe yes, maybe no?

Mandy's love life seemed to be cursed. She found happiness only to have it ripped from her. She tried again, and then again, but nothing seemed to work for her. Finally, in desperation she accepted an offer to get away from it all on a ranch. But Mandy was a city girl. Rural life, miles from even the smallest town, was strange and uncomfortable, even painful at times. Still, she did get a break from men. The owner of the ranch was mystifying, frustrating, not her type at all. Or was he?

The City Girl Blues by Lubrican; it does require a premier membership to access.



Try Transcending to Role by Frank... er... Don Lockwood.


This causes me to remember a story, similar, but not. Little boy sees little girl on a dock in the early am. They fall in love. He becomes a world-renowned photojournalist(?) going rough places. She (Courtney?) becomes a singer. They fall out, reconnect. He goes on her tour,mrealizes he's baggage, meanwhile gets shot up in Afghanistan(?), almost dies. They reunite finally. I can't remember the name of the author. Any ideas?

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Sounds like Grampy's "Song of Thanks"


One of Lubrican's "Making of a Gigalo" comes to mind, but I can't remember which one.

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Country Boys comes to mind. By Lazlo Zalezac

Jim S


One of Lubrican's "Making of a Gigalo" comes to mind, but I can't remember which one.

#13. Misty Compton.

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