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Best Reluctant/coerced impreg stories


New here looking for suggestions for the best reluctant/coerced impregnation stories. Not into dad/daughter or mother/son or brother/sister. Mom helping/convinces night daughter is right up my alley tho.



Pretty much every story https://storiesonline.net/a/Lubrican ever wrote has impregnation, although a lot of them carry the "incest" tag and the "Reluctant" tag does not always mean what you might expect.
I did a search and it produced a ridiculously low number of stories, only https://storiesonline.net/universe/446/the-pact looked promising. The problem there is that supplying two tags (NonConsensual, Reluctant) mean that stories have to have both, you need to make creative use of rejecting categories while specifying "any" rather than "all" to get there.
In other words - try doing your own search (or is that a Premiership-only feature?)

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Premiership-only feature

No, but some of the options below categories is only available to premium members (don't remember what's exclusive). And non premium members, can only access the first 10 results.

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And non premium members, can only access the first 10 results.

To repeat myself yet again it is possible for a non-premium member to access the entire list. Choose your tag and do a google search using the format


replacing "tagname" with your chosen one. I don't know if it matters but I always am careful to check for capitalisation ie. DoOver rather than doover

The fact that you can see story names does NOT mean that they are available to non-premium members

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DoOver rather than doover

The White Cliffs of DoOver rather than doover.


Except it's Dover, not doover. :-)

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Dover is a different location in time and space from DoOver.



Except it's Dover,

What did Dela ware, boy, what did Dela ware?

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Capt. Zapp


What did Dela ware, boy, what did Dela ware?

She wore a brand New Jersey, That's what Dela wore

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@Capt. Zapp

wore a brand New Jersey

To clean it she did a Washington.

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