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Anal sex before vaginal sex to preserve virginity


Im looking for a story where mc has anal sex while she is a virgin. It maybe because she is religious, she is saving her virginity for someone she loves, she is forced etc
Im fine with incest, bdsm, dom/sub etc
However i dont like gay male on male stuff or cuckolding although lesbians are always welcome.

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


Al Steiner's Miss Darling

Replies:   AmigaClone  zeguy4u

@John Demille

While it's not the MC who has anal to "remain a virgin", it's his significant other, and her sisters.

Charlie Foxtrot's A New Past


"Bare Assets" by Dual Writer. Female lead uses anal sex to stay a technical virgin until marriage.


@John Demille

Thanks its a good story.


I look forward to reading other suggestions and if any more to come.

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