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Reluctant male main character


In alot of stories with a 'reluctant' main character, I find that while he often have a good reason to not want to get involved with a girl/woman such as being older than her father, been hurt by girls in the past, have a deceased loved one, ptsd from military service, suffering from depression etc, the main character almost always seem to get over his reluctance instantly. I'm looking for something where the 'reluctance' is more than I shouldn't be with her, I'm old enough to be her father! ... but then again, she is really hot, and also mature, so fuck it, let's get married!. The story I've liked best in this department so far is Equal Shares by steveh11. I really liked how it took time for him to get over his wife gradually over the course of the story, rather than stories such as Smart Girls where they more or less move in together and start planning weddings the day they meet. So I'm looking for some suggestions for stories where the reluctance isn't forgotten after a couple of chapters but where the mc over time grow out of it, if that makes sense.


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Not so sure about Wet - my memory is that they get together pretty quick at the start of a shortish story. Not that it's not a great story (it's on my favorites list, after all) but they're together without personal angst about it for most of the story. The Proposition, though, seems a reasonably good fit.


My stories in the Smart Girls always start with a reluctant (more or less) guy who falls into the clutches of a younger girl. Some of them fight harder than others, but they all succumb.


Lubrican's Hermit of Scarecrow Valley might fit in here if my faulting memory serves.

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Lubrican's Hermit of Scarecrow Valley might fit in here if my faulting memory serves.

Your memory serves you well. he's most decidely reluctant to get involved with anyone, let alone single women. Major PTSD, and he doesn't get over it rapidly.



Lubrican's Hermit of Scarecrow Valley

One of Lubrican's best, though we could argue all day over which of his is "best"!

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