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A new chapter

Crumbly Writer

How much has she revised the whole story to accompany the new chapter (i.e. do we need to reread the entire story to understand the newest chapter)?

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@Crumbly Writer

How much has she revised the whole story

She has removed a lot of the sex. I would guess it is some sex rather than much sex. Otherwise the plot seems to be going the same way. The hero plays baseball with great success. He has a lot of girlfriends. There is some violence due to terroriests. It is worth reading. But so far the same things are happening, just with less sex.


I never read Gina Marie Wylie's stories but heard very good comments about it (I remember someone commenting about how great the "Family" is or whatever it is). What is the overall summary of plot? What are the tags? Harem? Incest? Coming of age? etc?


The Family series is by Bruce Bretthauer. I believe they are now all available as eBooks on Amazon. It is not a harem or incest story. It follows a young woman who is a very skill full star ship pilot. I enjoyed the series and have read it several times. It is very realistic science fiction, enjoyable that I've read them several times. Well written.

Gina authored a series that begins with I beleive Kinsela and found them quite interesting.

Hope this helps

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Most of Bretthauer's books are also on BTFH. The New Zion series is also good.

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