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Slave Harem


Can anyone recommend me any stories where the MC is male and has a female slave harem? I've read pretty much all the swarm stories that apply. I would prefer there to be no swinging/sharing and the female cast to have some character development. Most of the stories I've read have one dimensional characters or the MC picks up girl after girl and the whole harem seems to blend together. It works for shorter stories but gets very repetitive for the longer ones.


First, some disclaimers: The girls in these stories may not be what you consider slaves. If the protagonist has a harem of 20, or 50, or 100s of fictional concubines you can't expect the author to fully develop the characters of all the girls. Finally, all these stories may not be completed.

Most of the stories of GoldenMage, ElSol, cmsix, Robber Baron, Warlord, Franco (me), Doctor MC (here: http://www.mcstories.com/Authors/Doctor-MC-Mad-Scientist.html, and more on Amazon Kindle), My Reward by Azil, The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000, and most of his other stories.

There are a lot of mind control harem stories on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive. If you can use Svengali, the search function on the mcforum, it will help you find them. And, you can ask others on the Searching for a Story page.

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I've read all the stories by GoldenMage, ElSol(by far my favorite author), cmix & mpn3000. I'll check the other authors out, thank you for the recommendations. I'll also check out the erotic mind control story archive.

I don't mind if they're not really slaves, but usually those stories fit my tastes more often than not.

I also may have mischaracterized what I don't like about female characters in these stories. Its not that they don't have any character development really, its that there is no conflict. The women in most harem stories don't seem to have their own aspirations or feelings and their only motivation is that they love the MC. Most of the time they're introduced in one chapter and have some sort of problem, by the next their issue is solved, they're in love with the MC and will do anything the MC says without reservation. For shorter stories it works very well, but when it comes to the longer stories it just becomes repetitive.

Capt. Zapp


Check the "The Master" series by plus plus.



How about The Accidental Master by Lord Skies?

Several stories by Colt45, as well.

Also, several stories by Ivan the Terror on asstr.



Sea King by Colt 45 and Quest For Knowledge among his other stories.
Scout by Warlord with a reluctant master to enthusiastic slaves for some added humor

Geek of Ages


One of the story ideas I'm playing with might end up working for this, though it would be on the shorter side.


There's always https://storiesonline.net/s/39822/mackenzies-journal which is set in SC in 1839.


Absolute delights is the first chapter to a good story


Tycoon by RavenSoule

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