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Looking for realistic space and or robot stories


examples of the kind I want to read are Scout by Warlord, Privateer by DeRat, that have some realism or hard SF elements and not totally way out stuff like Three Square Meals
or DB Story robots

Dominions Son


In my opinion, what you are asking for can't exist.

Once you get into any level of FTL travel or self aware autonomous androids, you are outside the realm of hard SF.


Volentrin has misty series


Colin Barrett's Eden stories:
There is the whole Swarm universe: (wildly varying quality - if you reject one author, try another)
Brian in the Dark's stories:
Porlock's stories:
Look at the Links at the bottom left on the Home page.
The one marked - your login here is valid there.

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Dominions Son


There is the whole Swarm universe:

I wouldn't say that the Swarm Universe qualifies as the kind of high realism hard science fiction the OP is asking for.

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@Dominions Son

What does OP stand for, please?

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This may fit the bill

A Terran Trader on Toolondo by FantasyLover

Regards G_R



Original Poster

Regards G_R

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Dominions Son


Original Poster

Alternatively: Original Post



If you are okay with stories on kindle (unlimited) you should check out the April Series by Mackey Chandler, it's pretty hard SF using a late 21st century setting.



You might like:
By Reluctant Sir

Replies:   helmut_meukel

I recommend:
TJ & Morg
Science Fiction
by Green Dragon
another parallel story in that famous universe. Politics in a future galaxy leading to a war. Two descendants of genetically engineered soldiers establish themselves with friends in the conflict in a position to survive. Still no descriptive sex. Lust yes. Love perhaps. Mayhap even a future amid the scheming and conniving.

Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction, Science Fiction, non-anthro, Military
Sex Contents: No Sex
Posted: 8/29/2009,
In the later chapters there are even robots.


By Reluctant Sir

Does anyone know if there is or will be a third book?
"trilogy" implies that, but looking at the dates of the two existing books I have doubts.

Related question: Does book 2 end with a serious cliff-hanger?


Replies:   MarissaHorne


According to the endnote of book 2, yes there will be a book three, but he had not written more than a couple of chapters at the time of writing that endnote.

Tne MC is not in any sort of peril at the end of book 2.

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