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Older sister/female cousin romance stories


I'm looking for some older sister / female cousin romance stories. f/f in it would be a plus. I'd prefer the stories not be swinger/group sex type stories, but non-monogamy is okay as long as it is "romantic". Seems easy to find older male stories, a lot harder to find older female stories.



harder to find older female stories.

Consider the age of the mostly male SOL author. If he is 73, his stories mostly don't revolve around 73 year old women.

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True. I hadn't thought of it that way but when you mentioned it I did think of a lot of the authors I have read..... And they are senior males for the most part.

awnlee jawking


That sounds like a challenge for oyster50. A retired female engineer strikes up a relationship with a disadvantaged, barely legal smart boy ;)



They are not related, but there is a little of this in 'MiVida' by oyster50.


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Yeah I read this one last night. Not to reveal any spoilers, but it was depressing as hell.



Campground Awakening by Lubrican
younger male, older female (aunt). Lubrican's non harem stories are pretty funny and entertaining.

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Thanks moredrowsy!

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