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Romance without relationship drama


Hi everyone, I've been reading Bowling for Hearts by Rare Dream, and I was thinking how nice it is that from the start to where I am now (65chs in) there hasn't been any annoying drama between the main couple. I find that usually in the stories with the romance tag, there's all sorts of drama where the couple split up for a time, heartbreak, death of loved ones, fighting and bickering about the most mundane things etc. In Bowling for Hearts, from the first chapter they've been together and it's basically been a slice of life more or less, without all that drama. You've never had to wonder how they'll end up, and their relationship has been sweet. Obviously relationships are never a dance on roses in reality, but it struck me how simply nice it was to be reading this, where everything works out nicely. I also often find that the drama in romance stories are way to forced and caused by really stupid reasons, just for the sake of making it dramatic.

So I'm looking for more I guess you could call it heartwarming romance, to read after I finish Bowling for Hearts. Thanks for any suggestions!

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My story The Runaway might qualify:


There is some drama, but not to that ridiculous extreme. It is still in process of being posted, so the jury may still be out, but I'm not spoiling much by saying it will have a mostly happy ending.


Thanks for your suggestions. I've added The Runaway to my bookmarks, but I'll probably wait until it's finished or atleast a little longer.

Lady in Red definitely looks intersting, I'll check it out.


I believe Lady in Red is available here on SOL.

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John Demille


Yep, all three books too:



I've read the first of the Lady in Red books now and I really did like it. But it's set up like the second book will be filled with the usual long distance relationship drama where everyone wonders if they can make it work, if they will meet new people etc. Now, I don't doubt for a second that they will still end up together, but I really can't be arsed to wallow through the second book if it's filled with doubts, flings and flirtations with others, you know the usual shit that pops up in long distance relationship fiction.

Since the whole point with this thread was to find some romance without drama, maybe the second Lady in Red is without it but I don't really want to start reading it before I know if it's the dramafree heartwarming romance I'm looking for.
So I'd appreciate if someone could just point out if it's as filled with long distance drama as alluded to by the first book or not. Thanks!

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There is like 1 chapter in lady of red were the female mc does something wrong but she regrets it pretty fast and after that its smooth sailing. Basically out of the entire 3 books only 1 CHAPTER has relationship drama.



If memory serves, there is one episode of relationship drama at the start of book 2, but that's set right fairly quickly.

The wedding is in book 2 so you can't skip it all.


Funny, I remember ditching Lady in Red specifically because of the contrived relationship drama. I'm also always on the lookout for stories like this. Yes, real relationships have drama like that but if I wanted real-life I wouldn't be here.

WTSMan's Wet and Odd Job would both qualify.
IIRC, once Connie and Shirley get together in Janna Leonard's Shirley Jean they don't have that type of drama.
Celtic Cowboy's The Hummingbird. Once they get together there's no relationship drama for the couple (though someone tries to make some - she doesn't buy it for a second.)


Oyster50 and Lazlong have several low-drama stories.

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I think I've read all Oyster50's stories and they are all low-drama.
In some happen outside intrusions but they are dealt with by the couple.




The Hurricane of 2020 by radio_guy https://storiesonline.net/s/12570/the-hurricane-of-2020

Synopsis: Things can happen in hurricanes. The aftermath is usually where the hard work is located. Join Bill as he works through the occurrences of the Hurricane of 2020 and its aftermath.
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
Genre: Romantic
Codes: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Slow
Size: 500 KB

It may not fit all your requirements, but I think it is "a bloody good story" :)

Regards G_R

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