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Subtle and difficult Mind Control



I like mind control stories, but usually they feature easy complete change of characters, a thing I don't appreciate at all...

Are there any stories featuring this :

- Male main character (in 3rd or 1st pov) and heterosexual relations.

- Difficult, limited and progressive mind control, turning little by little his targets to be more sexually open around him, wearing sexier clothes, etc... the key here is progressive and difficult, not the "zap" boring mind control.

- Covert thing, it should be done under the hood.

- A younger main character would be a plus.

- A relatively long story would be a plus.

For an example story, I think of Lustful Thoughts by JAPA, unfortunately never finished and kinda quick, but great overall.


One of the first stories I read on SOL was Artie's Control Loop Stability, an MC story which seems to fit the bill even though it was completely useless for what I was searching for, help in improving the control of Oxygen levels in submarine atmospheres. Sadly Artie has removed his stuff from here and emptied his ASSTR site, but the story is still available from the The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive here, as is some more of his MC stuff.

(oops-edit to correct link)

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Sadly Artie has removed his stuff from here and emptied his ASSTR site

Use the forum search function for Artie's Stories, there are a couple of wayback machine partial archives of his stories for which links have been provided.


Thanks for the suggestions, they're on my to read list :)

Any other?

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