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Coming of Age (hidden gems)


Please don't recommend popular titles like Stupid Boy, OSL or AWLL, the point of this thread is to find coming of age stories that most people have never read.

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BarBar's Bec series is a fairly well known tale but still quite underrated, and taken as a whole forms a very nice CoA story.



This story is not exactly hidden with a score of 9.03 but if you have not read it give it a try.

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How about The Collar Around the Heart by Old Softy?


Is the story allowed to be chaotic?
Most of the stories by and also fit.
There are some short stories under if you have Premier access.

I have tried to avoid Mf tales which push the legal envelope on the age-of-consent front but may not have been entirely successful.


Does anyone know any stories similar to the Stupid Boy series? Doesn't have to be from this site, books are fine as well. I've read most coming of age stories on this site and it's getting hard to find more.



This story is not exactly hidden with a score of 9.03 but if you have not read it give it a try.

One caveate: Looking through his story list, the author, wordytom, does sprinkle the True Story code around with a fair frequency, in cases where it is clear that it _isn't_ a True Story. That's the _one_ story code misuse which is a game stopper for me; I stopped reading one of my favorite authors, Peter H. Salus, when he did that. If it's _not_ a game stopper for you, his story descriptions do look like interesting reads.



Thanks for your tip. Call me stupid. I've only been on SOL since pharoah was in the new-word section of the dictionary and I had not noticed this story before.
Thanks again

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Its easy to miss them unless your reading speed is extremely fast. Its not just the number of downloads that effects what we read. Its a combination of available time and reading speed. I have found so many stories I missed just by reading these forums. I bookmark them and/or the writers to read and enjoy as soon as possible. Although that just adds to my "to be read" list. That list just keeps growing for some reason.

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