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rich girl with poor boy


looking for a story where the boy who is poor or ugly ends up with the rich beautiful girl. I prefer if the male is not a pussy, no swing, cheating, gangbangs, gay etc. i don't mind BDSM or harems/poly

i guess a storie similar to this is Lucky Tickets by JiMC

Ernest Bywater


I was all ready to make a recommend, and then you name it.


Unforgettable Night by Jay Cantrell fits.

Unforgettable Weeks by Jay Cantrell (ok, its a sequel) starts off that way but then the male's financial situation improves just a little.

Runaway Train by . . . Jay Cantrell has a middle class character who attracts a millionairess.

Ashley and Milo by . . . no - happyhugo, not JC - fits, although Ashley's opinion of her looks is not that high.

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Mr Castle


Lol I was just about to sugest unforgetable nights/weeks both great reads.

awnlee jawking


I prefer if the male is not a pussy

That rules out Clansman's The Wimp and the Deb.




is it unending night or unforgettable because i cant find it

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The series is https://storiesonline.net/series/1279/regan-riley-and-andy-drayton

Unending Night and Unforgettable Weeks with a third Unimaginable Lives in the pipeline slated for 2018 publication.

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Runaway Train by . . . Jay Cantrell has a middle class character who attracts a millionairess.

This is a good read, but if you decide to read this, I recommend that you take some advice that I wish I'd taken:

Stop reading after part 3. I'd rate part 1-3 8 or maybe even 9, but after that I'd give it a 3 or 4. In part 1-3 MC can be a bit annoying and very hypocritical at times, but in part 4-5 he gets real annoying and is acting like a whiny manchild alot of the time. And I'm not talking a little annoying, I'm talking can't continue to read so I had to go and take a walk or do something else because MC is acting like a petulant 3 year old kind of annoying.



Unforgettable Weeks

Forgettable Freaks.

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