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Younger Male x Older Woman


Looking for stories about a 16/17 year old that ends up with the milf, i would prefer it if the milf was high 20s to low 30s and they get married / have kids. An issue that i would like it to have (but not needed) would be an age gap insecurity by the parental unit of the male MC.

Would also prefer that the stories were decent length and not just 2-3 chapter stroke stories.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


How I Bagged a Cougar by Lubrican.


Replies:   Jim S
Jim S


Lubrican seems to specialize in these type of stories. Another is "How I Met Your MILF".


A good example would be 'My Best Friend's Mother' by thesandman.


Yeah thanks guys but i was looking for something that was longer. I still haven't found anything yet so i'm assuming it doesn't exist.

Basically i want something like the Unbalance x Unbalance manga but in story form, aka young guy x milf with a long lasting relationship.


Can you give us the name of that story? It sounds like something I might like.


I think you'll enjoy my novel Introducing Miss Driscoll.

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