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Hi guys im new here, nad im looking for a coming of age stories, or other kinds of stories that happens atlast at point at school,collage,(prefenciable that have superpower/ESP,but its okay if dont have) and that have sex :) , im not pick about lenght of novel,but more chapters better. please dnt recomm me abandoned novels :s

novels that i read and liked here:

My Journey

Deja vu Ascendency

hindsight 20/20

six time a day

I hate those kind of theme/tags:





*: if the guy is a jerk is doable

thanks in advance

Replies:   robberhands  Headmaster
sunkuwan "A well lived live". over 5 million words of CoA The original doover
An ordinary sex life has cuckold and cheating but here is the link:

awnlee jawking

Try the stories of G Younger - coming of age is a recurring theme and you won't find a dud amongst them.

I particularly enjoyed 'Getting It Wrong'.




Ross, I think here is someone who needs your help!

As to the topic, I'd recommend G Youngers, 'Stupid Boy' series and Blue Dragon's 'An Ordinary Sex Life' and its sequels.



Hi there

You may enjoy my first novel -


Since you hate NTR or cheating, then you should have caution with sunkuwan's recs for the two stories below:
(there's some swinging and infidelity drama half way into the story)
(memory is fuzzy but i remember the first half of the story dealing with cheating despite the female in question not being the female lead)

They're both good stories so really depends on you though.

You might want to try

Lady in Red by Harddaysknight

Replies:   samuelmichaels


How about Once More with Feelings by Night Hawk, and Help! and The Fountain of Youth by Lazlong?

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