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Local boy makes good - Kenneth D Hammond

Harold Wilson

There's an author on this site (and some others) who goes by "Ka Hmnd". I've read a bunch of his stories, and saw in his blog the other day that he's put a novel up on Amazon.

I checked it out, figuring that he was doing what a lot of local authors do- pulling down his stories to try to monetize them.

I was willing to cough up for the kindle version of the novel, since it's about the price of a beer. But I was VERY wrong!

This isn't an author taking down his stories from this site (or anyplace else that I saw his stuff) and selling it for cash. Instead, he appears to have written new material, and the book is well-edited.

If you've read his stuff here, you should REALLY like the novel. It's much like some of his series on SOL - the chapters are really short stories, although there is a single main character and a real "arc" through the chapters. But you could read a chapter each night at bedtime and not lose much by putting it down and picking it up, since the chapters are very stand-alone.

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@Harold Wilson

Thanks for pointing that out. He blogged about his upcoming book, but he doesn't seem to have an author page on Amazon, so I couldn't follow him.


On Amazon he uses Kenneth D. Hammond.

Ernest Bywater

Two points.

1. He's not the only one that posts on SoL and also sells through Amazon or Lulu.

2. His stories have appeared and vanished from SoL in the past. I don't know why, but they have been pulled, then reappeared later.

Make of those two facts what you will.

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