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Noir tales of the misfits, malcontents and would-be heroes of the edge of espionage, direct action and questionable life choices. With a dash of rum, a few sarongs and, of course a Monster. Or two.


11 short stories in the Universe so far. Really, really excellent storytelling about a loose-knit group of ex-soldiers, misfits and stone-cold killers who work for a secret group making the world a better place by doing the unpleasant jobs ordinary agencies cannot. High scores for storytelling and technical points.

Jay Cantrell

I have been reading these all week as time permits.

I love the premise and the storylines.

I highly recommend this universe to any who enjoy great characters and action-adventure.

awnlee jawking


If any of the stories were submitted as ongoing serials, I'd have to invent a new four-star rating above my current top rating of three stars.



You might want to look at https://storiesonline.net/s/15532/st-clair-2-5-succubus although it does depend a bit on https://storiesonline.net/s/15092/st-clair-1-soldier-girl .
Succubus is a fun out-take.


I just started reading these, and I agree they're very good. Usually I shy away from 'short' stories, but these are the exception. Highly recommended.



Thanks Wheezer! Very entertaining reads so far!

Replies:   Wheezer


Thanks Wheezer! Very entertaining reads so far!

I've got to add a note to recommend the rest of Todd's stories. Not a bad one in the bunch! (How did I overlook him until now?)


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