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Vampire or Were...

The Demon Whisperer

Looking for vampire or Were (supernatural) based stories in which the mc is a kid/teen who gets turned by force (probably to save his life?. : Yeah I know, typical cliché storyline). Zero to hero, weak to strong, nothing to alpha kind of stories. Something like that. It wouldn't hurt if the mc gets 'close' to a strong female character(s) like Revy from Black Lagoon.[insert face palm here]. Thank you in advance.

Replies:   Dominions Son

While the MC is not a teen, 'Magic in the Moonlight' by Girl Friday is a good read.


Thanks @LonelyDad I have plans for a sequel. :-)

Replies:   LonelyDad
Dominions Son

@The Demon Whisperer

Strange Days by The Lurker has just about everything you are looking from, except for the forcible turn of the male lead.

The MC is a born werewolf, but thinks he's human at the start of the story. He's taking medications that he thinks are for seizures, but are actually a herbal concoction with wolfs bane as the main ingredient to prevent him from becoming a were. He misses a dose and that's that.



Thanks @LonelyDad I have plans for a sequel. :-)

Your stories are some that I reread from time to time. I particularly liked 'The General', 'The Game', and 'Modern Day Fairy Tale' in addition to 'Magic In the Moonlight'. Now that you told me I will look forward to the sequel.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Replies:   Girl_Friday


Thank you. I haven't started the sequel yet, so it will be a bit yet. But the plot outline is 1,300 words and counting. I will have something new coming out, hopefully next week. Thanks for the nice feedback!

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