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Authors like Punky Girl and Rache


So two of my favourite authors are Rachael Ross (and her many and varied alternate accounts) and Punky Girl/Shannon. Both tap into this kinky, transgressive, angst-ridden and sex filled world, which I love.

Can anyone recommend authors or stories with a similar feel?

Replies:   Crumbly Writer
Crumbly Writer


Can anyone recommend authors or stories with a similar feel?

Sadly, I'm not sure we'll ever see her kind again, which is a mixed blessing, because even though she tried all kinds of things, they were mainly intended to provoke and see just how far she could push things.

Instead of more of her kind, most 'edgy' material ends up heading for greener pastures, other sites where authors won't be attacked for not being Cis-gendered, or for suggesting squicks which readers aren't fond of.

Anyone know of anyone similar, either here or on any other sites?


Someone who did Edgy but maybe not in the fashion you describe is
She - and her husband - stopped posting here several years back, opening their own which has updates to the SoL stories and some other newer ones. She died in the night 21/22 March this year.

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