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Social difference


I'm looking for a story which includes big social difference between two persons. For example girl lives in a trailer park and boy lives in a mansion. Any recommendations?

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Check out Runaway Train by Jay Cantrell. He has another story who's name is blanking for me that is almost exactly this. (Millionaire girl, guy who lives in the projects). Uncertain night or something like that.

Jay Cantrell

*Shameless plug*

Unending Night and Unforgettable Weeks.

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@Jay Cantrell

Damn....I was so close on the name.

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Ernest Bywater


Jay Cantrell


Hey, I'm just happy to have a couple stories that pop into people's brains at all.

Thanks for sending a reader in my direction.

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@Jay Cantrell

I've read Unending Night and am currently reading Unforgettable Weeks. Have to say that I really like your stories.

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@Jay Cantrell

I've read Unending Night and am currently reading Unforgettable Weeks. Have to say that I really like your stories.

While 'Unforgettable Weeks' is still on my to-be-read list, I have to say that I don't think there is any story of yours that I have read that I didn't enjoy immensely.


Stupid Boy by G Younger;
Tami gets a scholarship to a school filled with blue bloods. David (from a very working class background) is mixing with company owners, film stars, the rich etc.
The social difference is only a small part of the story

Defenceman series; he is mixing with the top businessmen and ends up as the guest of the Queen of England.


Some of the stories by Argon also have social differences. The historical ones have class and other things highlighted and the modern ones usually have wealth or other things separating people.


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Some of the stories by Argon

I recommend you start with:

Anthony Carter — A Universe from the Mind of Argon

An expanding collection of serials that have in common a group of people who appeared in the serial "In the Navy". While Anthony Carter will not appear in each of these serials, there will be references. The people in this universe came from the various parts of British society, beginning with the early 19th century and the Napoleonic Wars. Sex and sexual actions happen in the context and for the benefit of the story, do not expect stroke stories. Historical context is taken seriously, as is the plausibility of the stories.

In the Navy and Eleanor Trilby are both rated over 9. I'd start with In the Navy.

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Same style with a bit of fantasy added and Some social difference in it:


I loved the in the navy series and really enjoyes takes from mist world.

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