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Country Life


"Challenge" also by Dual Writer is in that vein. If you want some in the 1800's, look at FantasyLover for "Lucky Jim" and "Escape From Lexington".

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I've read Challenge (I forgot about it) and Lucky Jim (also read Lucky Jim 2). I couldn't get into Escape from Lexington but might give it another try. Thanks

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Try stories by SW MO Hermit
the John Carter Universe by Lazlo Zalezac
as a one off by an author
Junkin Duncan by happyhugo

Those by Catman are set in a marine environment rather than a land one.

That should be a start :)

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Ernest Bywater

Depending on exactly what you're after you might want to try doing a Category Search using the Farming tag, also most of the Westerns and the Damsel in Distress Universe stories may suit what you're after, as well as a lot of the Time Travel tagged stories.

Much of my Clan Amir series is set in a town and not a city as well.

Also you may wish to read the following stories of mine that are set in rural areas:

and this is about half and half:

edit to add: I've not listed my westerns, time travel or DiD stories here.



I second all these choice. I will also add some of JRyter's and Woodmanone's stories that I would recommend.


Howard Faxton has several stories about either living on a farm, or inheriting a farm after meeting certain conditions.


thank you



More of a Western, but Wagons Ho! - The Early Years by Lazlong are about settling up in the country and the chores and adventures associated with it.

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