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Looking for airship stories

Shadow Doctor

I just read currently craving similar stories, focused around airships


Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio at your local comic book store. highest recommendations


I could name several worthy series available as Kindle books, but not available on SOL.


Airborn by Kenneth Oppel is the first in a YA trilogy that focuses on steampunkish airships. No sex, but they're great adventure stories. Monsters, ghost ships, sky pirates and even a trip to outer space, what's not to like?


A work in progress

By Tamalain

Regards G_R


@Shadow Doctor

I just read currently craving similar stories, focused around airships

Gwen Farris books by P.S. Power have airships. Power is an acquired taste, but if you have Kindle Unlimited, he has a lot of books on Amazon. He's written at least a couple of explicit erotica books, but the Gwen Farris are fantasy adventure novels.


Why not start at the beginning (of steampunk)?

There is Michael Moorcock and his "The warlord of the air" from year 1971 - I think you still can find it as dead tree, and as some epub somewhere (if you know where to look at)...

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I wonder, haven't read them in years, and the movie was a travesty, Edgar Rice Burroughs,John Carter Mars Books would almost qualify?

Regards G_R


@Shadow Doctor

I have just the book for you! "The Big Lifters" (1988)by Dean Ing. Also by the same author the first book of the Quantrill trilogy "Systemic Shock" (1981) features airships of the same type. The second book of the same trilogy "Single Combat" (1983) doesn't have much in the way of airships, but... Wow! It really hits home.

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Joseph Lallo has a series starting with "Free Wrench" that should be right up your alley.

Harold Wilson


+1 on the Dean Ing recommendation. Post apocalypse, Western, hard sci-fi, airships, adventure, you name it!


"Dragons and Coal Cinders" my Myrtle Lane, revolves around airships. While they aren't the main focus of the story, they are a necessary part of the narrative.

While it uses captive balloons instead of rigid airships, 'Dawn Patrol' by aubie56 is another story where they are an integral part of the story.

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