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Similar to "The Saga of Tuck" in structure or cast (coming of Age)



"The Saga of Tuck" by Ellen Heyes is a coming of Age story about an effeminate geeky boy whose girlfriend cross-dresses him for Halloween as a girl and he is so good at it, that he uses it to sleepover as a girl in his girlfriends house and have sleepovers with his other female friends without the parents knowing who he is and does babysitting as his girl persona. This is not a stroke story and has minimal sex.

You have to read a chapter to get what I mean about "structure". The chapters are structured like a protocol with the exact time and date for every paragraph.

The important thing about it, is the cast. Like I said, Tuck is an effeminate geeky boy. He is intelligent but fragile. Bullied in school but has the mind and the friends to exact revenge on his tormentors. His best friend is his same aged chinese neighbor which he takes to most of his family outings (which include paramilitary training by his father and where they take the whole familiy (older sister, younger brother, female cousin, mother) for a week of hiking and "terrorizing" scout boys in top secret night-ops.)

His girlfriend is a kind-of domina-in-training. She "persuades" Tuck into the crossdressing for Halloween, babysitting and continued changing into his girl persona. Also she uses him as a before-after model for her on-site make-up sales pitch in female collage dorms.

His other female and male friends also play a big role in the Saga.

What I'm trying to ask is this:

After reading several Do-over and coming of Age stories where sex is the main driving force of the protagonist, I would like a story where the growing up, adventure and normal school life (drama) is in the foreground and not the sexual conquest.

Plus points if the protag or his friends are kind of like genius(es) or very clever in handling their bullies and other drama. Saga of Tuck is set in the early nineties and he has several PC's in his room and uses this technology and other gimmicks (walky talkies) to overcome obstacles.


Thank you, I will check them out.

regarding bullying and revenge: Any recommendations when the MC or the cast kind of go bonkers with the whole revenge thing? Can even go a little to the crazy side.
Many of the "revenge" scenarios in CoA stories are rather PG13 or tamer in their revenge plots. And some even with a "morale of the story" or "give them the other cheek" message. All fine and dandy, but sometimes you want some over-the-top response to the things the MC and/or the friends have to endure.

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awnlee jawking


Aroslav's 'Living Next Door to Heaven 1'?



@awnlee jawking

Already read it :)

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