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KathyB is back! And she's updating 'Coerced'.

Harold Wilson

If you're a fan of the "MILF gets forced to do something she enjoys but knows she shouldn't be doing" genre, you've probably read something by KathyB.

Suddenly, she's back! First, a blog post announcing that she was writing again, and now she's updating `Coerced` - a story so popular that there's a list of authors who've tried to continue it.

IMO, the continuations sucked. Everybody wanted to drag the MC off into whatever horrible situation floated their nuts, without spending any time doing the KathyB-esque build-up necessary.

I encourage you to have a look at her stories, if that's a genre you like, and send her some love through the feedback system. (Hot MILF writers need love, too...)


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