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I have no idea where this author went to, I've never even talked to him.

His stories are different. Hammingbyrd is pretty obviously a mathamtician, or more probably some kind of geometry savant.

The way math and geometry permeate his stories give them a distinctive edge somehow. No other author can recreate that. Then it switches to a narrative that is crisp and perfect and you are right back into the story.

It's strange, and wonderful. I'm re-reading Preacher Man and the concepts are astounding to this day, and most of us authors wish we had come up with those ideas first.

The math is like friggin Chinese algebra. The sex is a bit clinical. But Holy Shit! The story idea is awesome.

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The math is like friggin Chinese algebra.

Even more so in The Aina Timeline series.

Replies:   EzzyB


One of the things I like about him are the crazy contrasts in the writing. Take this paragraph:

The Holy presence in all townships is identical, 3900 priests, evenly divided among the three areas of militia, police, and administration. There are 27 Upper Commander Priests in each town, nine in each of the three areas, with a total of three CL-15, five CL-14, seven CL-13, and twelve CL-12. The breakout among the areas is as even as possible, two sets of 1,2,2,4 and one set of 1,1,3,4. At Karbala, it was the administrative area that had the 1,1,3,4 set, with single administrators at CL-15 and CL-14, three at CL-13, and four at CL-12.

Yeah, all that numerology makes your head want to explode. Then elsewhere you get this:

If death is inevitable, he asked, what is left? Style, only style...


I cannot answer your question about H7's current status, but want to add my endorsement about Preacher Man. I re-read it every few month and remain in awe of his ability in creating that world in all its intricacy and uniqueness.

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