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I'll go first. dotB


Jokingly I say. no relation.

I guess I'd characterize "Aftershock" as a semi-post-apoc story. We never really find out what happened to the rest of the world, it's really localized in the upper Northwest of the US and Canada.

As a good author should, it centers and then draws a bulls-eye on it's characters. There is no 1000 word cast of characters here (no story should have that). Just a pin-point view of a few people trying to survive a major disaster.

dotB never allowed voting on the story, but it is still an SOL Classic.


Replies:   docholladay


Definitely one worth reading.


Re-reading it yet again. It's a good 'un.


And his other stories both posted here as well as the 2 other sites I have bookmarked are well worth reading either the first time or how ever many times I go back and read them again.

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